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The Artist

Having been raised by a mom who always carried a camera in her hand, McKenna naturally fell in love with the medium. She took courses on both analog and digital photography starting from a young age at summer camp, and continued through both high school and college. She is in her final year of her BFA at DePaul University in Chicago, majoring in Art, Media, & Design with a concentration in Digital Photography and Media. Through her education, she has studied a wide range of mediums, including watercolor, 3-D design, and printmaking.


With her education transitioning to fully online in 2020, McKenna decided to move to where she has always felt the most connected and at home: Hawai'i. The Hawaiian Islands have made a huge impact on her, teaching her more about love, gratitude, and compassion. Here, she finds her creativity flowing and evolving like never before thanks to the amazing connections she has found (or that have found her). 

This is only the beginning... 

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