by McKenna Petersen 2021

In our society, it is a common notion that success is something you can find on only a handful of paths, and it does not always coincide with bringing you joy. Many people feel pressured to pursue a business degree or medical career instead of a creative passion because of the noise that society implements into our culture. Even more so, the idea of making a huge change in your life can be intimidating. However, as loud as those voices can seem, success is not defined by a dollar sign, and often change brings the clearest skies to see your true path. Although muted tones and unclear moves are often unfamiliar in a world of high saturation and crisp perfection, they find their place in the waves of change.

Purple highlights, green shadows, low contrast, and soft grain can transform a digital photograph into a film photo’s distant relative. When mixed in a collection of both analog and modern, it is hard to separate the two. Fleeting moments symbolize the letting go of old habits, while sitting opposite an old voice challenges the narrative. By combining muted tones and soft motion, this series alludes to the challenge the series itself is taking in finding the path it is meant to follow. 

As the artist, I am aiming to illustrate a narrative of confusion and realization in a series about pursuing what you desire instead of the path that is laid out for you. It is an inner battle to be able to drown out the noise of the world around you and decide for yourself what you wish to do with your life. Because it doesn’t seem clear, it can feel gray, as if you are stuck in a limbo between black and white and bright colors unable to focus. Choosing to follow your passion can make the image clearer at the end, however, this series is about the process of making that change.